Academic Technologies

The “tools” listed can be used by instructors to deliver information to, assess progress, communicate with, or receive feedback from their students. Some tools you can download and request a license using the provided request form and others are available to use within our e-Learning lab.

If you have any questions regarding the tools listed below, please contact the IT Service Desk at extension 7-5500.

Active Learning Classrooms
UNC Charlotte is launching a new initiative in classroom design to promote active and collaborative learning and to increase student engagement through hands-on activities and labs.

Camtasia Studio
Camtasia Studio is screen recording and video editing software that captures what you see and do on your screen along with your voice. It can be used to create videos for training, demonstration, tutorials, and many other uses. Please contact the IT Service Desk at 704-687-5500 to request the Camtasia software.

Canvas is the new Learning Management System for UNC Charlotte. The Center for Teaching and Learning will conduct workshops and provide additional support to aid faculty members in the use of Canvas. See our Calendar of Events for upcoming Rebuilding My Moodle in Canvas, Starting with a Fresh Canvas, and other Canvas Workshops.

Clickers: Personal Response Systems
Clickers enable you to involve and interact with an entire class, while capturing real-time assessment data. Clickers automate and streamline administrative tasks such as taking attendance, grading quizzes and tests, and tracking student and class performance. Data collected from the clickers can be easily integrated with the Moodle grade book.

The word Mahara is a Maori word meaning "to think." Mahara is an e-portfolio system developed in New Zealand that allows professors and students to store, organize, and display a variety of data. Artifacts can include word documents, pictures, videos, journals, forum posts, assignments, resumes, contact information, and more. Mahara accounts are accessible through your Moodle2 home page. Just log in to Moodle2 and find the link on the left hand side of the page in the Network Servers block next to the green hei-tiki icon. It says, Mahara @ UNC Charlotte

Moodle 2
See our Calendar of Events for available Moodle workshops, or you may utilize the self-guided tutorials available on this website to work through some questions on your own time.

Respondus is a Windows application (no Macintosh compatible version is available) that enhances the functionality and usability of Moodle's Quiz Activity and it can also be used to develop tests for traditional classes.

Saba Meeting
Saba Meeting is a web conferencing program which lets people interact with one another "live" in a virtual online meeting environment. You can meet, learn and collaborate from anywhere you have access to a computer and an Internet connection using multi-way audio and video, application sharing and content display.  All Saba Meeting sessions are automatically recorded, so those unable to attend the live meeting can playback the session at a later time.

SurveyShare is a web-based tool designed for:

  • assessment of teaching and learning
  • survey research
  • evaluations
  • ... and more.

Turnitin is plagiarism prevention system that makes it easy to identify students who submit unoriginal work. It acts as a powerful deterrent to stop plagiarism before it starts.

All work submitted to Turnitin is checked against three databases of content:

  • a copy of the publicly accessible Internet,
  • millions of published works,
  • every student paper ever submitted to Turnitin.

Additional Tools
Though not directly supported at this time, CTL provides general information on collaborative online tools and services such as Wikis, Blogs and RSS aggregators. These tools are all potentially very useful for enhancing online learning, and are generally easily acquired through outside sources for free or at minimal cost.