PollEverywhere: Student Response System

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UNC Charlotte has made the decision to finalize an institutional license contract with Poll Everywhere as its designated and standardized Student Response System (SRS). As a standardized system, Poll Everywhere will be the only supported and recognized polling system at UNC Charlotte. More information (May 1, 2017) will follow as we begin the planning stage of moving over to Poll Everywhere.

Faculty can choose from a wide variety of question types in Poll Everywhere to display via a mobile-friendly website (pollev.com) and ask their students to engage with the content by responding to the questions on their mobile devices. Students at UNC Charlotte will be able to respond to polling questions using their cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Faculty and Teaching Assistants wishing to use Poll Everywhere can receive a free account to deliver polling questions in their courses.

General Information:



For additional information concerning the use of Poll Everywhere in your courses, please contact us at ctl@uncc.edu.