Importing Questions

This tutorial will show you how to import questions, created in a .txt, .doc, and .docx file formats, into Respondus.

If you have not yet obtained a license, or downloaded and installed the application, please see our Respondus page for instructions.

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. If necessary, open Respondus. A splash screen is displayed and then closes automatically (not illustrated).
  2. Verify that the Current Personality is set to Moodle.
  3. Click Import Questions. The Import Questions dialog box is displayed.

Step 2: Choose the File Type

  1. In the "Type of file" drop-down list, select the type of the file you are importing.
    NOTE: In this example, we chose Microsoft Word because we are importing a Word document.

Choose File Type

Step 3: Choose the File

  1. Next to the "File Name" text box, click Browse. The File to Import dialog box will then be displayed.


 Choose the file

Step 4: Choose the File

  1. In the "Look in:" drop-down list, navigate to the appropriate folder so that it is displayed.
  2. Select the file so that it is displayed in the "File name:" text box.
  3. Click Open. The Import Questions dialog box will then be displayed.

 Choose the file 2

Step 5: Create a New Document

  1. In the "2. Choose where to add new Questions" area , select the Create a new document named: option.
  2. In the text box, type a new file name.
    NOTE: In this example, we have used Civil Rights Quiz.

 Create a new document

NOTE: This file name will be the name of the Respondus question file that will be stored on your hard dive as a .rsp file. This file is stored in a folder of the same name in the C:/Respondus folder.

Step 6: Preview the File

  1. In the "3. Use the Preview button to check for problems:" area, click Preview. The questions are imported into the "Preview results" area.

 Preview the file

Step 7: View the Preview

  1. The Title of each question is the Title you used in the file you imported. If you did not specify a title, then the title is the first 20 characters of the question text, unless you have selected the 'Use "stem" plus question number to create title' option.
  2. Check for any warnings or notes indicating formatting problems that need to be edited. If problems exist, you will need to edit the .txt or .doc file and import the file again.

 View the preview

Step 8: Save the File

  1. When you are finished previewing the file, click Finish. The Respondus message box will then be displayed.

 Save the file

Step 9: Close the Message Box


 Close the message box

  1. Click OK to close the message box. The Edit tab will then be active.


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