Mid-Semester Evaluation

Instructions: This form is a serious attempt to get feedback from you regarding the quality of instruction you are receiving. It is confidential and the only one who will see it is your instructor. Your honest and constructive opinion will be very useful now, while you are still enrolled in the course. Please take your time and carefully answer all the questions below, where appropriate, according to the following scale:

5 = Very Much Help
4 = Much Help
3 = Moderate Help
2 = A Little Help
1 = No Help
0 = No Opinion / Not Applicable

How much did each of the following aspects of the class help your learning?

____ 1. Lecture presentations
____ 2. Discussion in class
____ 3. Group work in class
____ 4. Hands-on class activities
____ 5. Written lab instructions
____ 6. Lab organization
____ 7. Teamwork in labs
____ 8. Lab reports
____ 9. Opportunities for in-class review
____ 10. The number and spacing of tests
____ 11. The fairness of test content
____ 12. The mental stretch required of us
____ 13. The grading system used
____ 14. The feedback we received
____ 15. The text
____ 16. Other reading materials
____ 17. Use made of the WWW in this class1
____ 18. Class activities for each week
____ 19. How parts of the class work, labs, reading, or assignments related to each other
____ 20. The grading system for the class
____ 21. The quality of contact with the teacher
____ 22. The quality of contact with the TAs
____ 23. Working with peers outside of class
____ 24. The way this class was taught overall

As a result of your work in this class, how well do you think that you now understand each of the following? (use the following scale for all items below)

5 = A great deal
4 = A lot
3 = Somewhat
2 = A little
1 = Not at all
0 = No Opinion / Not applicable

____ 25. Chemistry [substitute course subjects]
____ 26. Labs
____ 27. Test

How much has this class added to your skills in each of the following?

____ 28. Solving problems
____ 29. Writing papers
____ 30. Designing lab experiments
____ 31. Finding trends in data
____ 32. Critically reviewing articles
____ 33. Working effectively with others
____ 34. Giving oral presentations

To what extent did you make gains in any of the following as a result of what you did in this class?

____ 35. Understanding the main concepts
____ 36. Understanding the relationship between concepts
____ 37. Understanding how ideas in this class relate to those in other science classes
____ 38. Understanding the relevance of this field to real world issues
____ 39. Appreciating this field
____ 40. Ability to think through a problem or argument
____ 41. Confidence in your ability to do this field
____ 42. Feeling comfortable with complex ideas
____ 43. Enthusiasm for subject

How much of the following do you think you will remember and carry with you into other classes or aspects of your life?

____ 44. Understanding the main concepts

In addition to the questions above, please answer the following questions, along with any additional comments regarding the course, the text, etc. on the back of this sheet:

Are you getting what you need from the course so far?

  • If yes, what are you getting?
  • If no, what is missing?
  • If not sure, please explain?

Attachment: Mid-Semester Evaluation [PDF, 45 KB]