What Do Students Really Need?

Date Published: 
April 14, 2011

For the past several years, there has been much talk about our students needing better critical thinking skills.  Our surveys of campus faculty show that they overwhelmingly agree that developing students in this area is essential.  Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, however, sees things differently.  In an engaging editorial in the Wall Street Journal, he makes the case that entrepreneurial skills are what college students really need in their education.  He aims his thoughts directly at students, advising them how to gain these skills, such as not being afraid to fail.  I am not sure that gaining such business skills are necessarily the path for all students, but much of the advice is certainly generalizable. And Adams is an entertaining writer, who peppers his article with personal anecdotes.  It's worth a read, when you get a chance.


J. Garvey Pyke, Ed.D. \| Center for Teaching and Learning \| UNC Charlotte