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Moodle 2 (

Fall 2015
  • Fall 2015 courses
  • Project sites
  • Training sites
  • Continuing Education courses
  • Development courses
  • INSTRUCTOR ONLY: Spring 2015 & earlier content for importing (no grades)
Moodle 2 Archive (

Moodle Archive
  • Spring 2015 & earlier course content and grades
  • Students access to make up work or incompletes
Moodle 2 Summer (

Moodle Summer
  • All summer 2015 courses content and grades
    Note: Instructors can backup their summer content and restore it on the production server (

NOTE: Some Project sites, Training sites, and Continuing Education courses will exist on the Moodle 2 server for the Fall 2015 semester;
i.e. Security Awareness Training site, Africa-Moving Beyond Popular Culture Project site, and the PCP101-011-Paralegal Certificate Program Continuing Education course. 

Check with your Instructor or Project Lead to verify the correct location of your Moodle course.