Moodle 2 is Coming to UNC Charlotte

Date Published: 
February 20, 2013

Over the past five years, use of the Moodle learning management system (LMS) has grown exponentially on our campus. Now more than 80% of our faculty teach with the LMS, reaching 95% of our students. Meanwhile, the greater Moodle development community continues to improve their product in response to user’s comments and suggestions. To take advantage of these improvements, it is now time for UNC Charlotte to move to Moodle 2.

Moodle 2 works in a very similar way to our current version of Moodle.  There will be some changes and new features to look forward to:

• More quizzing options

• Quicker methods for course design

• Greater control over your students’ path through the course

Ultimately, this version upgrade is designed to give you more choice and flexibility in your teaching, while maintaining a safe, secure, enterprise learning management system.

Faculty will have access to the new system starting on March 25.  Please see below ("Read more") for more information, FAQ, and upcoming informational webinars and training opportunities to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Moodle 2

Where can I get more information about Moodle 2?

If you would like to sign up to attend an informational Webinar from the Center of Teaching and Learning, we will be offering a “Moodle 2 FAQ,” on March 13 or April 2.  Recordings will be made available afterwards.  Additional workshops will be scheduled from March 25 onward, throughout the spring and summer terms.

When will I have access to Moodle 2?

March 25.

When do I have to start using it?

Instructors will have the choice to use old Moodle or Moodle 2 for their Summer 2013 courses. Starting in Fall 2013, instructors will retain access to their past/completed courses in old Moodle, but new/current courses will only be available in Moodle 2.

When will training be available?

Starting March 25 and continuing throughout the spring and summer, the Center for Teaching and Learning will have instructor led workshops and “open swim” sessions to help you with your Moodle courses.  Moodle 2 is similar enough to old Moodle that many faculty will choose to explore it on their own, but all are welcome at our workshops.

Will I have to move my course materials over to Moodle 2?

Yes, if you wish to reuse course materials, the Center for Teaching and Learning will provide easy-to-follow instructions and workshops to show you how to do this.  Many faculty may choose to take this opportunity to redesign their courses.


Please look for further announcements from CTL coming soon, regarding workshops, support materials, and more.