Moodle 2 Retirement

Date Published: 
December 6, 2016

Moodle 2 is now retired.

Canvas, the University’s new LMS, was launched this past summer, per a decision made by the LMS Evaluation Committee in March, 2016.

What Will Happen with My Moodle Courses on May 15?
All Moodle courses will become read-only. This means that you will not be able to migrate, download, or edit the content and students will not be able to upload assignments, post to forums, or submit quizzes. Additionally, the two older Moodle sites, Moodle Summer and Moodle Archive, won’t be accessible at all.

Which of My Moodle Courses Are Already in Canvas?
All of your Moodle courses from Summer I and II 2015, Fall 2015, and Spring 2016 have already been migrated to Canvas and are available now for you to access and use. Here's how to find these courses.  For courses prior to Summer 1 2015, you can access them until May 15 by going to the Moodle login page and clicking on the “Welcome to Moodle Archive” image.

NOTE: You need to transfer your Spring 2017 Moodle content into Canvas. 

How do I transfer my Moodle Course into Canvas?
To transfer Moodle course content into Canvas, faculty can request a Canvas Development course or use the actual Canvas semester course to import the Moodle content.

  1. Request a Canvas Development course
  2. Migrate Moodle content into your Canvas course

How Do I Learn Canvas?
We offer a wide range of resources for learning Canvas. Whether you prefer to learn via workshops or on your own, we have the training you need:

Choose from a host of workshops: getting started, re-creating your Moodle course in Canvas, using the grade book, quizzing, videos, and MORE! Register today.  

Custom workshops
Schedule a customized "Get Started in Canvas" workshop for your department/college. Contact us at for more information.

On your own
Canvas Guides
Canvas Video Guide
Canvas Webinars (register here for informative webinars!)

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