Adjunct Faculty Learning Community

Adjunct Faculty Meeting at table

Since Fall 2015, the CTL has facilitated an Adjunct Faculty Learning Community (FLC) each semester. An FLC is a form of professional development that brings together a small group of cross-disciplinary faculty members to engage over a period of time in an active and collaborative program that strives to enhance teaching and learning and build a sense of community (Cox, 2004). FLC’s are a proven approach to building community and supporting adjunct and part-time faculty.  

Important Facts About the FLC:
  • Adjuncts must apply to participate in this community.  The call for applications goes out twice a year.
  • Groups are limited to 10-15 faculty.
  • Participants receive a stipend for their participation.
  • The FLC consists of monthly face-to-face meetings during the semester on Friday mornings in the CTL.
  • The meetings focus on instruction and pedagogy, with the exact topics chosen by FLC members.
  • The meetings are facilitated by Kim Buch, a Faculty Fellow in the CTL with experience in learning communities and 2013 Bank of America Teaching Award recipient, and Caryl Gordon from the CTL.
Other Resources for Adjuncts:
  • Reading Group for Adjuncts:  This reading group meets monthly and is open to all adjunct faculty members - no application required.    
  • Policies, guidelines, and campus resources listed here.