CTL Workshops

The CTL offers workshops and webinars on a wide range of topics. See our calendar to register. Don’t see a topic you are interested in?  Let us know!


Quality Matters (QM)

Applying the Quality Matters Rubric: This workshop provides an overview of QM, the QM Standards, and peer review process. This full day workshop will be led by a QM Certified Facilitator and includes all participant materials.

Improving Your Online Course: For people who are redesigning an existing online course. Participants use the QM Rubric to review their own courses and develop a course improvement plan. The content is based on the 21 essential Specific Review Standards of the Quality Matters Rubric. Participants come away with a plan for course improvement so enrolling in the workshop with a pre-developed online course is required.

Designing Your Online Course: For people who are designing their first online or blended course. Includes an overview of the QM Rubric and provides a framework for participants to design an online course plan.


  • Active Learning
  • Creating Instructor Presence in Online Courses
  • Critical Thinking
  • Dealing with Disruption in the Classroom
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Effective Time Management in Delivering Online Instruction
  • ePortfolios
  • Integrating Service Learning into Your Course
  • Syllabus 101: Roadmap to Success

... and many more (see our calendar for details) !



Starting with a Fresh Canvas: This workshop is for people who want to build their Canvas course from a clean slate. You will explore the Canvas interface, learn how to set the Home Page and communicate with your students, and practice adding content and resources - including the syllabus - to your Canvas course. We will also guide you in setting up Assignments that report to the Gradebook.

Canvas Assignments and Gradebook: Would you like to make grades available to your students online? In this workshop, you'll learn how to use the Canvas Assignments page to set up your Gradebook to calculate course grades. You’ll also learn how to create and grade assignments, enter grades with SpeedGrader, and use rubrics for communicating expectations of quality.

Canvas Quizzing: Giving frequent low-stake quizzes is considered a great student-centered learning technique facilitating students to become accountable for their learning. Are you looking for ways to manage a number of quizzes in time-efficient manner? Or, are you looking for alternatives to Opscan fill-in-the-bubble testing? Then this workshop is for you!

Creating Videos in Canvas: Kaltura CaptureSpace allows you to add powerful media tools to Canvas, and combine the best features of video sharing, webcam recording, screen recording, and more. Creating and sharing multimedia learning content is easier than ever using these intuitive tools. This workshop will walk you through the most common features of Kaltura CaptureSpace in Canvas. It will also help establish a foundation for further exploration of sharing and using rich multimedia content across Canvas courses.

Canvas Open Swim: Want to explore new areas of Canvas or new instructional techniques with personalized attention available? The Center for Teaching and Learning consultants will be on hand to work with you and answer your questions. Please note: Open Swim is for Canvas users who have specific questions about Canvas tools and features. If you want to learn Canvas, please sign up for "Starting with a Fresh Canvas" or "Rebuilding My Moodle in Canvas".

See Canvas.uncc.edu for additional resources for learning Canvas.

Poll Everywhere

Teaching with Poll Everywhere: This workshop will introduce faculty/staff to Poll Everywhere, and how to use the student response software in classroom and other learning spaces. During the workshop participants will explore how to get registered, creation of polling content within Poll Everywhere as well as Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, or Google Slides Polling.


Getting Started: Using WebEx in Canvas (Part I): WebEx in Canvas provides numerous collaborative features to create a highly interactive virtual classroom. Get up and running with WebEx in your Canvas course! In this workshop, you will learn how to enable WebEx in Canvas, schedule WebEx sessions within your course, as well as best practices for managing your WebEx recordings.

Leading a Class: Using WebEx in Canvas (Part II):  Learn how to lead interactive classes, use tools like desktop sharing, whiteboard, polls and breakout rooms, and record class sessions.