Provost's Doctoral Teaching Fellowship

2017-2018 Applications and Guidelines will be available in early March


2016-2017 Application Information

The Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for Teaching and Learning collaborates with Ph.D. programs and the Graduate School to offer a Provost's Doctoral Teaching Fellowship.   The purpose of the Provost's Doctoral Teaching Fellowship program is to introduce doctoral students to the teaching practices used in higher education instruction and to help prepare them to pursue careers in college-level teaching.

Applicants must be a Ph.D. student in a doctoral program at UNC Charlotte with a demonstrated interest in an academic career.  A graduate assistantship commitment from the applicant’s department is required.  10 hours of the GA ship will be dedicated to teaching in the Fall 2016 or Spring 2017.

Program Requirements

If you are a successful applicant, you must agree to the following conditions:

  1. Teach a 3 hour undergraduate course as the Instructor of Record in either the Fall of 2016 or the Spring of 2017.  The course must be approved by your doctoral program coordinator and the course’s department chair. Your teaching will be observed by a faculty member affiliated with CTL and includes individual conferences.
  2. If you select to teach in the Fall 2016 semester, you will attend a two day seminar from 9-3pm on May 16th and 18th.   Then, you will attend a three day seminar from 9:00-3pm on August 8th, 10th, and 12th.  There will also be a mid-point (September 30) and final seminar meeting (December 8) during the fall semester for the Fall 2016 cohort.  These seminars offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will focus on teaching methods, instructional design, and assessment.  The seminar sessions will include assignments such as, faculty interview and observation, syllabus development, and peer observations.
  3. If you select to teach in the Spring 2017 semester, you will enroll in the three credit course, Teaching at the College or University Level, GRAD 8001 in the fall of 2016. As part of the course, you will prepare and present teaching demonstrations, and cover the same content as those taking workshops, but in more detail.  There will also be a mid-point (February 24) and final seminar (May 4) meeting during the Spring 2017 semester in which you will be teaching.
  4. Each group will complete a teaching journal and final report reflecting on your experience during the teaching semester.


The following deadlines apply to the program:

  • February 15, 2016: Application deadline. You must email your scanned application (see attached.)
  • March 1, 2016: You will be notified if you have been awarded the fellowship grant.


As a participant, you will receive a $5,000 award in addition to your assistantship for meeting all of the conditions listed above.  The award will be paid during the academic term that you teach.

Application Process (Applications will be available in January)

Complete and sign the application form. The applicant’s department head must certify, on the application form, the commitment of a graduate assistantship and identify the course and term of the teaching assignment anticipated.  Your doctoral program coordinator will need to recommend you by signing where designated and will assist you in meeting with the appropriate department chair in order to identify the specific course and Fall or Spring term you can teach. After completing this information and obtaining the required signatures, scan your completed application with signatures and email it to Tracy Rock. (, Faculty Fellow in the CTL.

Selection Preferences

Preference will be given to doctoral students who:

  • have no prior experience in college teaching
  • are in the final phase of their doctoral work
  • plan a career on college level teaching
  • have passed qualifying exams in their program of study.