Students' Pathway to Success: A Faculty Guide - Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Awareness (30 min. Webinar)


Welcome to this Webinar series based on Students' Pathway to Success: A Faculty Guide, collaboratively written by the Top 40 Academy, a faculty professional learning community at UNC Charlotte. The book helps prepare faculty who teach students new to the university how create a positive academic experience for both first-time students and students who transfer in. Join the authors to hear detailed synopses about their topics and have the opportunity to ask them questions.

This session will focus on the Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Awareness chapter. This chapter informs faculty on the purpose and use of diversity initiatives on UNC Charlotte’s campus. We promote a learning environment that contributes to the understanding of inclusion and equity in society. We address the unique challenges and issues that minority students face and provide faculty with pedagogical approaches and campus resources to address those challenges to foster student success.

Your presenters:

Tina Katsanos, Lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies, and Vaughn Schmutz, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology.

NOTE: This Webinar will be held online using WebEx, the University's Web conferencing system. You will need access to the Internet, and a microphone if you want to speak.

April 7, 2017 - 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM
CTL Room Location: 
Online through WebEx
04/07/2017 11:30 AM04/07/2017 12:00 PMAmerica/New_YorkStudents' Pathway to Success: A Faculty Guide - Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Awareness (30 min. Webinar)Faculty Guide - Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural AwarenessOnline through
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