At the University of North Caroline at Charlotte, faculty, staff, and students have access to the personal capture solution known as Kaltura CaptureSpace, embedded in Canvas. The solution is a desktop application which provides acess to recording options allowing users the ability to create audio, video, and PowerPoint voiceover recordings alongside other content within Canvas. Kaltura CaptureSpace allows for a maximum recording time of 45 minutes. If when recording you reach the 45 minute mark, Kaltura CaptureSpace will send and save your recording. Once uploaded into Canvas, users will be able to share theit recorded media within Announcements, Pages, Discussion Forums, Assignments, Surveys, and Quizzes. Additional options include:

  • Providing options for the produced videos to be edited or downloaded
  • Creating multi-stream recordings of up to three videos inputs synchronized with a PowerPoint presentation or screen capture
  • Allowing your viewers the ability to navigate the desired content 
  • Providing search through slide text
  • Switching between video streams, and
  • Viewing picture-in-picture formats


As faculty, Kaltura CaptureSpace is able to turn presentations into video. To do this, CaptureSpace enables the following:

  • Video assignments
  • In-Video quizzing options
  • Study aid for exams 
  • Review of previous classroom lectures - chunking of content to focus on the salient information needed
  • Lab demonstrations
  • Flipped Classroom approach - Make better use of your limited class time. Pre-record your lectures and use class time for discussion & other activities
  • Active Learning Classrooms
  • Student Presentations and Demonstrations
  • Video Feedback
  • Video Annotations
  • Screen Capture
  • Online Training

Once a video is created, faculty and students can share their video within their Canvas courses as well as with other courses in Canvas. You will find Kaltura video options in the menu items called "My Media" and "Media Gallery". However you are seeking to use video, the Center for Teaching and Learning provides video production support and services towards the intentional use of instructional technology to enhance your teaching and in increase student learning and success.


Instructions on using Kaltura CaptureSpace

Interested in learning more? Email: help@uncc.edu

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