Online Manuals, Tutorials, and Resources

The Official SurveyShare Help Page

  • This is an excellent and informative help page about the features and technical aspects of SurveyShare. It contains answers to your questions to help you to use each feature of SurveyShare:
  • SurveyShare Help

Web Survey Design Tips

  • Learn how to plan your survey, construct questions, and more:
  • SurveyShare tips

Useful Web Survey Links

  • SurveyShare has organized an annotated list of useful links covering everything from assessment to writing reports:
  • SurveyShare links

Recommended Web Survey Publications


Contact CTL for SurveyShare Help

  1. Have you tried SurveyShare's own help pages? They have three very helpful pages that should be able to answer your questions and help you to use each feature of SurveyShare:
    1. SurveyShare’s Help Page
    2. Survey Resources from SurveyShare
  2. Have you searched this CTL SurveyShare Help pages for your problem, especially the FAQ section?
  3. If you answered yes to both questions, then contact CTL.