FERPA: The Importance of Protecting Student Records (Slides 19-22)


 Slide 19


Content of: Parents

  • With consent,
  • If student is a dependent
    (check with Registrar),
  • Remember, the law REQUIRES disclosure to the student; other releases (except subpoenas) are permissive in nature.



When may education records be released to third parties?


 Slide 20


Content of: When may education records be released to third parties?

  • Directory information,
  • Consent of student,
  • Judicial order/subpoena,
  • School officials with a legitimate educational interest,
  • Parents,
  • Special circumstances.



Special Circumstances


 Slide 21


Content of: Special Circumstances

  • Health or Safety Emergency,
    (NEW: standards recently RELAXED)
  • Student victims of crime,
  • Certain alcohol & drug violations committed by undergraduate students,
  • Contractors providing services normally performed by employees; requires “direct control” and that contractor must follow our FERPA rules (NEW).



Major FERPA Concepts


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Content of: Major FERPA Concepts

  • Most records at the University relating to students are protected as education records
    under FERPA.
  • Generally speaking, written consent of the student is required to release education records outside of the University.
  • When in doubt, ask.