Information for Faculty Presenters

Faculty presenters will be leading both a poster session and breakout session. This format allows for discussion at the poster by small groups followed by a more general discussion of concepts and issues during the breakout session.   

Purpose of Event

  • Connect those using digital learning tools, particularly in lower division courses in universities or in community colleges, to share experiences, including the benefits and challenges in different fields,   
  • Connect administrators to discuss implementation of programs to foster wider use of digital tools, and
  • Present the use of digital learning tools to a larger audience.

Poster Session

  • Session Format: 1 hour 15 minute poster fair during the lunch hour where participants will circulate and among the faculty poster and vendor fair presentations.
  • Location: Poster session will occur in the open atrium of the UNC Charlotte City Center Building
  • Poster Size: Design your poster to be 36" x 48"
  • You will be provided: An easel, 36”x 48” foam board, clips, and push pins
  • You should bring: Your printed poster and any handouts you wish to share

Breakout Session

  • Format: 45-minute session where you and the *vendor of the platform you are using (*if available) will facilitate a discussion and Q&A generated from your poster and experience with adaptive and personalized learning. See Breakout Session [PDF, 63KB] for additional tips on preparing for this session.
  • Location: Breakout session will occur in a classroom of the UNC Charlotte City Center Building
  • You will be provided: Standard instructor smart podium with computer, internet connection, projector, speakers.
  • You should bring: Any PowerPoint or other files and handouts you will use during your presentation.