Teaching Online with WebEx

Teach with WebEx in six easy steps:

Webex Six Steps

1. Secure Equipment

Ensure you have some multimedia devices on hand for web conferencing.

Headset with Microphone 

Web camera (recommendations)

2. Choose WebEx Method

WebEx lets you meet students in two ways: WebEx Training or the WebEx Personal Room. Learn when you should use each:

Method 1: WebEx Training


Use the WebEx Training in Canvas feature for:

How to Access

WebEx Training is found as a link on the left panel of your Canvas course navigation. 

Webex on Left sidebar navigation

Method 2: WebEx Personal Room


Use your WebEx Personal Room for:

How to Access

Your WebEx personal room is accessed directly through your WebEx Account.
Visit webex.uncc.edu to login. 

3. Schedule WebEx Session

Before hosting a WebEx session in Canvas, follow these steps.: 

  1. Initiate your faculty WebEx account.
    1. Go to https://webex.uncc.edu
    2. Click log in. Sign in with your NinerNET account information. The WebEx interface will load and your account will be ready for use.
    3. Click sign out in the upper right corner. Click your name and choose sign out.
  2. Run a test meeting to check your browser, audio, and video settings.
  3. Enable WebEx in your Canvas course.
  4. Create a single or recurring WebEx session.
  5. Give students instructions on how to join one day before the WebEx session.

4. Host WebEx Session

To host a WebEx session in Canvas, follow these steps (view tips for hosting WebEx sessions): 

  1. Follow steps to start hosting a WebEx session in Canvas.
  2. Check your audio and video settings.
  3. Manage student communication privileges or mute students on entry.
  4. Start recording your session (optional).
  5. Present content synchronously.​
    • Share your desktop screen or specific application window
      • You can share everything on your computer screen with your attendees. 
      • If you have multiple monitors connected to your computer, just select the monitor you want to share.
      • You can also share a specific application you have open like your Powerpoint window.
    • Share a file
      • You can share one or multiple files (documents and presentations) with students.  
    • Share multimedia, YouTube, or webpage URLs
      • You cannot share YouTube videos live over a WebEx session. You will have to share the YouTube URL link in the chat or using the Share Multimedia option. 
      • You can also share webpage URL links to students if you need them to visit a website during a WebEx session.
  6. Transfer hosting and presentation privileges to students or a TA.
  7. Stop recording your session.
  8. Track the attendance report.

5. Engage Students

WebEx offers multiple features to increase interactivity and engagement. Here are some tips:  

  1. Encourage questions, comments, or a backchannel discussion
    • Raise hand -  encourage students to use the Raise Hand button to signal a question.
    • Q&A panel - answer questions from students in an organized manner. You can assign questions to specific panelists, answer privately, designate a priority, and defer or dismiss questions
    • Enable chat - use the chat window to chat with students. Large classes would benefit from this feature instead of having all students speak through their microphones. 
  2. Use polls
    • Ask students to respond to a “Yes” or “No” question using the check and X marks.
    • Gauge student’s reactions or feelings on a topic by asking them to select an emoticon.
  3. Monitor student attention
    • Check who is paying attention during the session. 
    • Attentive shows that the attendee is watching your presentation. Inattentive shows that the attendee is looking at another application on their computer.
  4. Use annotation tools to emphasize information on the screen
    • Use text and graphic tools to highlight, add notes, and draw basic shapes on your screen.
    • You can also give students permission to mark up the screen.
  5. Schedule and use breakout rooms
    • Assign students to virtual breakout rooms for group projects and brainstorming. 
    • Students can share presentations, documents, whiteboards, and specific applications within their breakout sessions. 
    • You may drop in on breakout sessions to progress and facilitate discussion.
  6. Draw on a whiteboard
    • Open a new whiteboard to make notes or draw pictures by using the annotation tools.
  7. Invite guest speakers
    • Bring in experts to share experiences, practice-based stories to your class.

6. Share WebEx Recordings

If you recorded your WebEx session, the recording file will be ready after you end your WebEx session. Follow these steps to share recordings in Canvas:

  1. Check if your WebEx recording is available.
    • It can take several hours (24 hrs) after your session for the recording to be available
    • You will receive an email when the recording is available
  2. Download and save your WebEx recording to your computer.
  3. Upload your WebEx recording to Canvas (My Media).
  4. Send an announcement to students the recording is posted.
  5. Delete the recording in WebEx.
    • WebEx has limited storage so once videos are shared with students. A best practice is to delete the recording from WebEx and empty your trash.

Getting Help

Learn who to contact for help with WebEx.