Improve Your Online Course

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The Improving Your Online Course workshop is an online 2 week Quality Matters workshop where you will discuss best practices for online and blended courses with your colleagues, review your existing online or blended course, and identify and prioritize improvements based on Quality Matters rubric standards.


  • Participate in two week online workshop by posting to forums and completing assignments
  • Complete Course Improvement Plan detailing prioritized improvements to online or blended course


The IYOC is available for all existing online or blended instructors. The program is not intended for those brand new to online teaching. The focus of the workshop is on improving an existing online or blended course, not creating an online course.

The CTL will recruit eligible faculty each semester via email and may ask for verification of the status of your online course as part of the enrollment process. The IYOC workshop may not be taken multiple times.


Must have an existing online or blended course (not one that you are wanting to develop or are building and teaching as you go in the current semester)


The IYOC requires 8-10 hours of work per week for completion. The workshop is asynchronous online with suggested due dates over the two weeks for workshop requirements.