Online Teaching Foundations

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This online, asynchronous, self-paced workshop covers the basics of designing and teaching online courses. While helpful to new online instructors as an orientation to online course design and development, the workshop is also helpful to experienced online instructors wanting more information on specific elements of online course design and teaching.


Completion of the workshop will provide an orientation and overview to the major topics related to online course design, development, and facilitation. The workshop offers concrete strategies for planning your course, developing the materials in Canvas, and handling facilitation challenges once the course is running.


Suitable and open for all faculty, both experienced and new to online/blended teaching.


Completion of basic Canvas workshops on using Canvas tools for course development will be helpful.


The workshop is self-paced and meant to be used both as an orientation and as a continuous support tool. Content in the workshop is primarily text-based. Completion of the self-check activities are optional. From start to finish, the workshop should take no more than 5 hours to complete.

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