QM Course Development

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The Quality Matters Course Development process is a cohort-based 16 week course development process where faculty work one on one with an instructional designer to design or redesign online and blended courses to meet Quality Matters Standards. Quality Matters (QM) is a national recognized rubric and peer-review program that provides guidance and best practices in designing online courses. CTL partners with the Office of Distance Education to identify faculty for the program, support course development, and fund faculty participation.


Working collaboratively with an instructional designer, the goals of the QMCD program are for you to:

  1. Develop skills in online course development and online teaching through project-based learning
  2. Create an online/blended course that meets QM Rubric standards
  3. Submit the new or revised course to UNC Charlotte's internal review system
  4. Submit course for official QM review after incorporating internal review feedback and teaching the course at least one time


The QMCD process is a stipended program with contracted responsibilities. Participation in the QMCD process requires sponsorship by the Office of Distance Education. Interested instructors should contact their department chair who can then contact Distance Education on your behalf.

The QMCD process is designed to assist new and existing online instructors with the creation of new online and blended courses or the revision of existing online and blended courses.


  • Distance Education sponsorship
  • Existing development skills with Canvas LMS


The QMCD process is a structured 16 week program broken into four phases:

  • Weeks 1-5: Course Planning and Design: Establish project goals; attend QM APPQMR workshop, write or revise course objectives, identify module objectives, complete a course map/plan of full course
  • Weeks 6-9: Course Development: Design and create assessments and activities, identify and create learning materials, develop Canvas components, design course navigation and student experience, revise or ensure accessibility of materials and activities, produce necessary instructional media
  • Weeks 10-12: Course Polishing: Review feedback from instructional designer on course progress, integrate designer feedback and revise course elements
  • Weeks 13-16: Course Finalization: Final checks of the course for completion, alignment, and student ready requirements

You will meet regularly with an instructional designer in either face to face meetings or WebEx meetings to brainstorm ideas for your course and discuss phase deliverables.

Major deliverables throughout the development process include the completion of the course map, the completion of the draft of your complete course in Canvas (all activities, assessments, materials, and instructions), revision of your course based on feedback from your instructional designer, and submission of your course to internal review.

Expected time to complete the various deliverables of the QMCD process will vary based on your experience as an online instructor, your level of proficiency with Canvas, the amount of planning you've already completed for your course, how much of the material for the course is already identified or created, etc. However, you should expect to spend at absolute minimum 3-5 hours per week actively working on your course. Instructional design support is available for the contracted 16 weeks.