Self-Directed QM Course Development

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The Self-Directed Quality Matters Course Development process is a follow-up program to our full Quality Matters Course Development process. Faculty who have completed the QMCD process multiple times and feel confident in developing online courses to QM standards independently are the primary audience for this process. Deliverables of the self-directed process are similar to the full QMCD process, but the support from an instructional designer (ID) is less.


  • Create an online/blended course that meets QM Rubric standards
  • Submit the revised course to UNC Charlotte's internal review system
  • Submit course for official QM review after incorporating internal review feedback and teaching the course at least one time


The self-directed QMCD process is a stipended program with contracted responsibilities. Participation in the process requires at least two previous completions of the QMCD process AND sponsorship by the Office of Distance Education, OR sponsorship and prior experience with the creation of QM ready courses.


  • Must be for an existing f2f, blended, or online course (not a brand new course that has never existed at UNC Charlotte)
  • Distance Education sponsorship
  • Completion of QM APPQMR workshop
  • Completion of 2 rounds of QMCD process OR prior experience with QM course development
  • Existing knowledge of Canvas LMS


The Self-directed QMCD process is a 16 week process that requires at least 3 face to face or WebEx meetings with an instructional designer: an orientation meeting in week 1, a midpoint check in meeting in week 7, and a final meeting in week 14.

In addition to the meetings with your ID, the process requires 3 primary deliverables:

  1. Development plan in week 1
  2. Draft of completed course in week 13
  3. Final course ready for internal review by week 16

A fourth optional deliverable is a course map submitted to the ID for feedback and areas for revision.

Expected time to complete the various deliverables of the self-directed QMCD process will vary based on your experience as an online instructor, your level of proficiency with Canvas, the amount of planning you've already completed for your course, how much of the material for the course is already identified or created, etc. However, you should expect to spend at absolute minimum 3-5 hours per week actively working on your course.