Create a Mid-Semester Survey for Poll Everywhere

Creating a mid-term survey can be easily done through Poll Everywhere. Faculty will import polls from a CSV file (an Excel spreadsheet) with the questions. See Excel template with created questions. You can modify the questions to use in your class.

Poll Everywhere Instructions:

  1. Save this Excel template (CSV file) with questions to your computer

  2. Modify the CSV Template to add, remove, format questions

  3. Save the CSV file

  4. In Poll Everywhere, click Import
    Image of Poll Everywhere dashboard showing Polls Participants and Reports with Create and Import buttons below Polls

  5. Drag and Drop the CSV file in the Import area

  6. Check the questions for accuracy

  7. Click Import

  8. Click Done

Once Export is completed, Poll questions are ready for use.

Image of Import polls from a CSV file page located within by clicking on Import

  1. By default the mid-term questions will be added to the ungrouped area.

  2. Check all the questions then click Group

  3. Click the Edit icon to rename the Group

Embed Poll questions into Canvas (E.g.: Pages, Discussion Forums, Assignment)

Each question has to be embedded separately, using the embed code

Poll Everywhere Instructions:

  1. In Poll Everywhere, click on the question

  2. Click Present

  3. Click Embed Poll

  4. Under Live Chart Widget, copy and paste code snippet

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%" frameBorder="0"></iframe>

  1. Change width and height dimensions to width=”800” height=”600”

Canvas Instructions:

  1. In Canvas create a Page

  2. Click Edit

  3. Click the HTML Editor link

  4. Copy and Paste the above code snippet

See example of Poll Chart embedded in a Canvas page.

Image of Live Chart Widget Poll with bar graphs and view of code snippet location under poll

     10. Click Save and Publish Canvas page

Additional Resources: