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Canvas Course Request Form

If you need to combine courses in Canvas, please click on this link: Canvas Cross-List Form

This form allows you to request the creation of a Canvas course. Currently, you can request a Project, Development, Quality Matters (QM), or Training Course.

  • Development: This is used to create new course content. You do not teach from this type of course; it is just a placeholder to be used to setup a course before the official Banner course is added to Canvas.
  • Training: A formal training course where a user goes through all the material, takes a quiz that must be passed, and gets a grade. Example: Security Awareness Training 
  • Project: A course for uploading information that a group of people needs. An online course where participants can collaborate via discussions.
    NOTE: The gradebook is NOT available to students in a Project course
  • QM Development: Used for faculty starting the QM process and needing to develop and redesign their course.
  • QM Review: Used for faculty participating in QM Review process.